“Hit by a Boomerang”

Hit by a Boomerang

            A recent accident had the medical doctor recommending I take a blood thinner.  Never one to readily take any medicine including over-the-counter pills, I was quite resistant.  When sharing with a friend the doctor’s recommendation to take this medication touted so often on TV commercials, he gave another perspective.  It seems an acquaintance I met years ago also had a similar recommendation.  His side-effects were an unfortunate brain bleed that left one side of his body severely incapacitated.  Walking normally again is now a goal of Herculean proportions.

            When discussing blood thinners with a patient, she shared how often she sees the commercials by lawyers wanting to sue the pharmaceutical company for misrepresenting the side-effects of this highly advertised drug.

            Any drug, even antibiotics, have side-effects that can be severe.  I’ve seen people develop constant bowel problems due to antibiotics.  Years of running to the bathroom to keep from going in your pants is too high a price to pay to get rid of an infection that likely would have recovered with improved rest and diet anyway.

            This opioid epidemic is so disheartening, as we lose one young adult after another.  Most were innocent victims of a doctor prescribing pain pills for a problem that could have been helped with other, safer solutions they were never made aware of.

            My kids had a foam boomerang when they were little.  Throw them and they come back.  If it hit you, it was painless.  With all medicines, there is a boomerang side-effect.  Sometimes, the kickback is minimal.  Too often it is extremely harmful, sometimes even fatal.

            “Doctor’s pills give you brand new ills.”  Who knew Joni Mitchell was so prophetic as our opioid victim’s leave behind brokenhearted friends and family members.  It starts with the awareness there is a better way.