What can you buy for $140 million?

     The answer is certainly not a healthy spine. The Indianapolis Colts signed all pro quarterback Peyton Manning to a reported $140 million dollar contract in the off season, a reported $50 million guaranteed. We soon learned that Manning has had 3 neck surgeries in the past 19 months, by the finest surgeons, no doubt.

     The unfortunate side effect of the surgery is weakness in Manning’s throwing arm. That would certainly limit a quarterback’s ability to play as well as Indianapolis’ return on their investment. Manning may not ever play again.

     The Pittsburgh Steelers have their own ongoing spinal surgery drama. All pro linebacker James Harrison reportedly had lower back surgery shortly after playing in last year’s Super Bowl. His agent immediately let local media sources know it went well. Unfortunately within a week came the news that Harrison had another lower back surgery.

     As the 2011 season gets underway, the local papers report Harrison’s legs have not recovered from the surgery. Some like to write this off as just poor conditioning. How could anyone who has ever seen James Harrison play doubt his physical conditioning?

     At Mike Tomlin’s Tuesday press conference following the loss to the Ravens, the TV reporters discussed Harrison’s surgery with one labeling him “fixed.” Tell that to James Harrison’s legs which he says are not as strong as they were.

     This is the myth of spinal health. Surgery doesn’t fix the spine, it patches it like sticking a finger in a leaky dike. It was originally intended to be an emergency procedure to save function and lives. As surgeons became more enamored with their “I can make it better than new” attitude, it became more and more prevalent.

     The spine is too important and too vulnerable to be made better than new. Plastic/cosmetic surgery and spinal surgery come from opposite sides of a surgeon’s universe.

     According to the founder of chiropractic, Dr. D.D. Palmer, trauma is one of the key interfering factors in breaking down the nervous system. Patients in this office described their pro football experience as having a 3 hour auto accident every Sunday. Still long to be a pro football player?

     “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” as Benjamin Franklin said. Chiropractic care is the prevention step so many need. Combine it with yoga, pilates, walking or swimming, as well as so many other healthy choices.

     Hope you are feeling blessed today.