Heart Health

 sugar devil

  Here’s an interesting question for you; what type of doctor do you see to keep your heart healthy? If you said “cardiologist” the vast majority of educated people would agree.

  Within the past few months the original study that found that fatty foods were a cause of heart disease has been debunked. It turns out carbohydrates, particularly sugar are the root cause of excessive cholesterol and inflammation. Be wise with fat intake, but they aren’t the devil sugar is.

  The other significant cause of heart disease according to the heart doctor (cardiologist) is genes. The old “it must run in your family” or “it’s in your genes” was stated as fact enough to keep you on heart meds for the rest of your life. This has also been debunked as the new research shows epigenetics (how your genes respond to your environment) to be more appropriate science than genetics.

  Here are two case histories for you. Two brother’s dead, each at age 54, of massive heart attacks. Their deaths were instantaneous. Surely if each brother died of exactly the same condition at exactly the same age, that would have to be “in their genes”.

  Let’s dig deeper. One brother went to the cardiologist on Tuesday and got a clean bill of health. He died the following Saturday from a heart attack.

  Although the second brother died at exactly the same age he did not have a Tuesday visit to the cardiologist in common with his brother.

  Here’s what they had in common, each drank alcohol excessively, over ate and had significant strained relationships with close members of their family. The cardiologist’s gene theory, high cholesterol and prescription pills never stood a chance against out of control emotional, mental and physical stress.

  Chiropractic looks at dis-ease as the root of disease. Our goal is to get you and your body more at ease. Ease without the “dis” is powerful.