“Health Begins from Within”

Health Begins from Within

     While discussing her purpose on a recent podcast, a young “life coach” said the goal is to get people living from within.  This isn’t an original purpose since Christ, Buddha, and even Shakespeare had the same message.

     If the best you begins within, remember health begins within you as well.  In a world that teaches us we need something outside ourselves, including the right car, phone, jeans, hair color and so much more, medicine and even recreational drugs are sold the same way. 

     The ads on TV tell us the right pills can take away all our symptoms, but they don’t tell you that you will be healthier.  Why not?  Because it isn’t true.  Remember how in high school, the “cool kids” smoked marijuana or cigarettes?  How “cool” is that perspective today?

     The beauty of working with the nervous system as a chiropractor is checking the most unique part of you and the truest reflector of you.  Keep in mind the power of self-discipline.  Look at the word “discipline” as “disciple”, with self-discipline meaning being a disciple of you.  That means honoring your dreams, missions, and goals uniquely found within you.