“Healing Begins From the Inside Out”

Healing Begins From the Inside Out”

     This will probably create more mystery than it will solve.  Here it goes anyway:  years ago, I asked our parish priest if Jesus healed others from the inside out or the outside in.  Father Albert quickly answered, “Most likely the inside out.”  How can we easily agree with his response?  Since it was reported that Jesus could not heal everyone is the first clue.  Why couldn’t he?  Because some people did not have the faith nor the connection to Christ to make healing happen instantly.  In other words, healing is an active experience that starts from within and extends outward.

     The purpose of your mind is a focus on survival and protection.  The purpose of your unique spirit is thriving and sharing the best you have within.  So often injuries not only harm your body but the spirit within you as well.  Both must heal in order to overcome what ails you.

     Your chiropractic care at this office is focused on relaxing your nervous system.  As you calm down and become more at ease, your perceptions will obviously change.  All healing of all types – mentally, emotionally, and physically – requires a more relaxed you.

     Keeping in mind that Jesus brought back Lazarus from the dead confirms that healing is a beautiful mystery.  Some things in life are obvious and understandable, others not so much.