Happy Flu season and by the way…….Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

     The holiday season is here and so is the flu season. What a coincidence. We know what the decorations look like for each holiday as well as the festivities attached to the holiday. We have the pumpkins of Halloween, the turkey of Thanksgiving and the tree that comes with Christmas, but what does the flu season look like? Of course it is invisible and sends fear into the hearts and minds of many people throughout our country. So why is it such a coincidence that the flu season occurs right around the start of our holiday season that begins with Halloween? Might it be that we begin engorging ourselves with sugar from the Halloween candy the kids collect to the left over candy purchased by the adults that gradually gets eaten. From there we proceed to Thanksgiving in which we tend to over eat. Naturally part of the holiday tradition is the wonderful desserts, possibly including pumpkin pie. What would Christmas be without cookie after cookie? If we are not totally disgusted with our diet and our change in body shape, we continue the trend right through the new year.

      Sugar is fuel for bacteria and our bodies are full of them. It is said that the human body has approximately one trillion cells along with at least ten trillion germs, including bacteria throughout our body. The fuel for those germs; sugar. All we need is a depleted energy system, through over extending, not getting enough rest, not getting enough exercise, to allow the flu to make its appearance.

     By now, if you have a scientific background you are thinking about the problem with what you just read. Bacteria and the flu, that doesn’t make any sense, right? The flu actually is caused by a virus, a germ of another type than bacteria. That is why antibiotics, a treatment for a bacterial infection, do not work against the flu. The point is that the sugar ridden diet causes the immune system to expend energy and effort to deal with bacteria. The weakened, overextended immune system (controlled by the nervous system) can’t deal with germs of any type when exhausted. Thus, the origin of the flu season has less to do with some unique flu germ outside ourselves and more the internal environment that we create.

     Chiropractic checks the nervous system that operates your body, keeping it energetic and active enough to enjoy the holidays.

     Happy Holidays,
     Dr. Jim Mager & Staff

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