“Gut Check”

 Gut Check

     Quickly in 5 seconds or less: do you believe in the chiropractic principle of health beginning and ending inside you controlled by your nervous system?  Yes or no? In 5 seconds or less:  are you 100% responsible for how healthy you are? Yes or no?

     Realize if you are 100% responsible and your health comes from within, then flu shots, flying in planes full of stale air and germs, washing your hands with anti-bacterial soap, and all the other advertised “have to do” health aids don’t matter.  So, do you really believe health begins solely inside you?

     What about Jesus?  Do you believe in Him?  Didn’t Jesus promote an inside out philosophy of living from your heart, not the rules of the rulers, and loving God with a pure forgiving heart, not solely honoring the custom of the day?  Perhaps you are thinking His philosophy of life doesn’t apply to your health.

     What about Shakespeare?  Didn’t he promote a life lived from inside out instead of one ruled by the stars?  Wasn’t he one of the first writers to teach us life and love begin within?  Perhaps you are thinking that philosophy doesn’t apply to your health.

     Think again.  Perhaps think for the first time.  The greats left us with a philosophy that applies to all of life.