“Got Any Gluten-Free Bread?”

Got Any Gluten-Free Bread?

          As I patiently continued moving forward in the communion line at a recent morning mass, the priest suddenly turned and retreated towards a table in the back.  He quickly grabbed a small container with the gluten-free hosts.  He gave one to the young woman in line then resumed passing out the regular hosts.

          Hallmark carries a card with a cartoon of Jesus preparing to turn a fish and fragments of bread into enough food to feed thousands.  Out of the crowd, a man yells, “Would you mind making my bread gluten-free?”  Now that’s funny.

          How did we get to this point of being allergic to spring, fall, peanuts, bread and so much more?  As our environment has changed, exposing us to so many mildly hazardous substances, our bodies have changed as well.  We now have to work so much harder to adapt to the environment we live in.  Our nervous and immune systems are in a frequent struggle to avoid being overwhelmed.

          The chiropractic adjustment is a natural way of resetting your system, like turning on a tripped fuse in a breaker box.  Keep your power on.