Goodbye Tuna Melts!

     Several years ago I traveled all morning to get to Sedona, Arizona. Feeling totally famished, I sought a late lunch in a small deli in the heart of town. For some reason a tuna melt appealed to me and the deli did not disappoint. It was one of the best sandwiches that I had ever eaten.

     Not long after the trip to Sedona, my wife and I separated on our way to divorce. Living alone for the first time in 30 years and having zero cooking skills, my memory of the Sedona tuna melt led me to make it my “signature dish.” Whenever I wanted a “premium” home cooked meal, I made a tuna melt.

     Months later I visited my brother in Boston for a sailing weekend. Prior to heading out into the ocean, we grabbed sandwiches from a seaside deli. I ordered my standard sandwich, tuna melt. Hours into our ocean sailing adventure, we took time to eat our sandwiches that had been on ice. Almost immediately after eating my tuna sandwich, I swelled up like a blue fish. Swallowing and talking became quite uncomfortable, as I was overcome by a significant allergic reaction. To cleanse my system I downed as much water as I possibly could. In approximately 6 hours I had almost completely recovered.

     Looking for the cause of the reaction to the tuna sandwich, I quickly blamed the seaside deli. Surely they were serving spoiled tuna. I decided that I must call them to warn them of how they may be harming others.

     Within a week after my trip to Boston, I found myself at home serving my best dish, tuna melt. Oddly enough I developed a sore throat, facial swelling and fatigue. This time my body’s reaction was even louder with severe vomiting and diarrhea. My body in its infinite wisdom wanted the tuna out of my system as quickly as possible.

     To tempt fate one more time, I tried tuna a couple of months later. My body’s response was as loud as the last tuna attempt. More vomiting and more GI upset was enough to make me wary of ever eating tuna again.

     In the above story, do you think my body was healthy or sick? I hope that you said healthy since my body was responding to an overdose of tuna, particularly the mercury in the tuna. Our bodies are infinitely wise. Signs and symptoms are our bodies only way of saying “clean up your act my friend.” Listen with more than your ears. We get one body. It is infinitely wise and its wisdom is meant to be utilized to the max.