Gifts from the Tooth Fairy


Gifts from the Tooth Fairy

     If you are lucky, the kid in you shows up every now and then.  Recently, I told my mother that I had lost a tooth and was hoping the tooth fairy would trade it for $20.  Even with advancing Alzheimer’s, she responded, “Your father always took care of that stuff.”  No cash from her! Surprisingly, the gift that I ended up receiving was much more valuable than the $20.

     Having consulted my PCP for feedback on rising blood pressure, swimmer’s ear, and left-sided upper body pain, he recommended a prescription that I would have to take for the rest of my life.  Instead, I attempted to get to “the underlying cause”.  I questioned him if it were possible that an old root canal could be damaging my health, and his answer was a strong “No!”

     I decided to ask an oral surgeon if root canals can go bad.  “Of course they can.  It happens all of the time.”  An ear specialist also agreed that my health concerns of swimmer’s ear had nothing to do with swimming.  Rather, a quiet infection from the root canal was brewing in my body and silently breaking it down.  It was a 5 year process, and my body began speaking to me louder and louder.

     After removing the root canal, my hearing instantly returned.  The swimmer’s ear was gone as well as all other symptoms.  My energy levels improved immediately.

     This success story of the body’s wisdom to be healthy only happened because I truly believe that our bodies work quite well unless interfered with.  My PCP looked at it differently than I chose to, suggesting a lifetime of medication to treat my symptoms.  With having the two other MDs as guides, I was able to avoid that path and become healthy once again, which was worth far more than $20.

Get to the cause – it’s in you!
You are part of the solution.  Your nature is to be well, not sick and broken. A goal of ours here at Mager Chiropractic is to help you see & experience true health.  🙂