Germs and Kissing

     Would you consider inviting 80 million germs into your body? CBS Sunday Morning did an excellent program on relationships with a segment on kissing. It seems during a passionate kiss approximately 80 million bacteria are exchanged.

     Wait a minute, aren’t germs bad for us? Don’t think they tried to sell us on “good” and “bad” bacteria. The truth is bacteria are a necessary part of our world and our body. Without them, we perish. This isn’t saying good hygiene is irrelevant. It points out that the power of your immune system has the ability to adapt to your typical germs, such as bacteria. Louis Pasteur (“pasteurized milk”) was quoted as saying “I have come to the conclusion, the strength of the host is more important than the strength of the germ.” You are the host of your life and health. Stay relaxed, move well and chances are you will adapt well to a world full of germs.

     In the meantime, continue sharing loving kisses.