Genes are History

     You may have been taught about the power of genes in junior or senior high school science class. It turns out that genetics needed to be taught in history class. Genetics as the blue print for your life and destiny is truly history set aside with “the earth is flat” belief system.

     Old science dies hard though. In our office the recent Fact of the Week stated, 3 Keys of Real Estate: Location, Location, Location, 3 Keys of Health: Lifestyle, Lifestyle, Lifestyle. An older gentleman read the sign and stated with confident defiance “genetics needs to be on that list.” Not so much, as the saying goes. Decades old research explaining how our body and genes work is finally becoming main stream. On Sunday, January 27, 2013 the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ran a front page article on heralded twins Dear Abby and Ann Landers. The confounding question presented was “why didn’t these identical twins die of the same diseases as well as at nearly an identical time?” Actually one sister outlived the other by approximately 11 ½ years in spite of the identical genes. The answer turns out to be epigenetics. Explained simply as your environment, internal (whatever you eat, think, etc) and external (all of your life experiences), stimulates your genes to turn on like a TV. You in essence are picking the channel and volume through your behavior or lifestyle.

     Certainly a small percentage, probably less than 5% of diseases, are purely genetic. The vast majority is just a reflection of lifestyle and that is good news. As author Robin Sharma always states, “when you blame your conditions or circumstances on anything outside of yourself you have given away your power.” Hold on to your power! Epigenetics brings the power back to you. That heart disease that “runs in the family” is folly. Sorry, but it turns out that bad lifestyle “runs in the family.”

     Years ago a patient reported that he had a bad back because it “runs in the family.” He stated that his father and grandfather had bad backs. When questioned about occupations for him, his father and grandfather, all three were bricklayers. Are you starting to see the connection? Lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle trumps genes. So beware of news articles touting genetic breakthroughs in curing this or that. Self responsibility and prevention are the best medicines.

     I love chiropractic care so much because no other profession assesses the side effects of your lifestyle like the hands on approach of chiropractic. Improving your nervous system through chiropractic care is a powerful lifestyle choice.        Live large, give large