Fries with That Adjustment?

     A young man sought chiropractic care for low back pain that was too persistent for a 28 year old on the go. Ned was someone I had known for years so there was a natural trust between us. He had a simple request many patients have: “Just pop my back into place so this pain will instantly go away.” This is an instant gratification concept McDonald’s has mastered. Those fries are instantly ready and pretty tasty. Are they really good for you? Is anything on the McDonald’s menu really good for you? It’s equally unrealistic to expect the chiropractic adjustment to magically “pop” you into a healthy, absolutely perfect state.

     The rest of the story is Ned was told there was no quick fix to his health problem. He actually had a life threatening form of cancer. Be it the low back, neck, or even cancer, it is unrealistic to expect instant results. Time, and appropriate action, are required to reverse ill health.

     We will leave the instant results to McDonald’s. Not many people hold an event such as a wedding reception at McDonald’s. Why choose a similar attitude with something as important as your health?