car crash


  Several years ago, a friend of mine was driving home from his office, his pet parakeet perched in the front passenger’s seat next to him. In a moment of distraction, he misread the traffic and caused an accident. The parakeet flew onto the floor and began talking up a storm.

   I noticed my friend’s wisdom regarding the accident was the same whether he caused it or someone else wrecked into him. He stated, “It’s called an accident, not an on purpose.” He used this viewpoint to quickly get over the mental anguish of being in an accident.

   So often, patients have a hard time forgiving themselves for causing the accident as well as forgiving the person who wrecked into them. In this Easter Season recall how Christ forgave Peter for betraying Him. Peter also had to forgive himself before becoming the leader of the church.

   We all screw up now and then. Forgiveness, starting with personal forgiveness is a powerful healing force.