Forget the Whale, Remember the Message



Forget the Whale, Remember the Message

     The age-old biblical story of Jonah being swallowed whole by a whale and living in his belly for 3 days is hard to imagine. With the stressors of today’s world, maybe your life is closer to Jonah’s than first thought.

     Have you ever been swallowed by, maybe not a physical whale, but a metaphorical one? By this time in your life, you may have dealt with and have been swallowed whole – emotionally and mentally – by the loss of a loved one, faced cancer, endured financial struggles, watched friends or family members battle addiction, or maybe you have gone through a divorce. Get the picture here? The residual effects of those struggles lasted more than 3 days, and perhaps they even felt worse than being swallowed whole by an actual whale.

     The rest of Jonah’s story deals with him being saved by God and asked to deliver a message to Nineveh in order to save the city. After initially resisting, Jonah reconsiders and carries out his life’s purpose. What’s your life’s purpose? What message have you been asked to deliver? It may be a message of love to your partner or your kids. It may be a story waiting to be written. It may even be a grateful heart that others readily see and are inspired by.

     My message to you is the Chiropractic principle that
your health and your power is within you.
All you have to do is relax and let it shine through.