“Flu Season Arrives Shortly: Why Now?”

Flu Season Arrives Shortly: Why Now?

          So much to do:  parties, holiday celebrations, people to see, family and friends.  Certainly not a time to get sick when fun is to be had.

          Starting with Halloween week, the sickness, often in the form of the flu, arrives.  Why does the flu have to have a season similar to baseball, football and hockey?  Is it possible your diet really hits the pits beginning with Halloween?

          We start our sugar binge shortly after Halloween by eating the candy the trick-or-treaters failed to pick up.  This is followed by eating the fine desserts that come with the Thanksgiving holiday.  Our Thanksgiving feast often spreads from one day of thanks to weeks of bountiful sugar treats.

          Combine the Hanukkah and Christmas feasts of sweet foods and we are in a nose dive to sickness.

          What’s the connection between sugar and the flu?  Sugar impairs the power of the nervous system and immune system to adapt to the stressors of life.  Anyone else out there find the holidays stressful?

          Enjoy the season with some self-discipline and you will find that you enjoy the season, with family and friends, even more.