Feeling Like a Guinea Pig Lately?

     In the same week, three people mentioned to me their concerns about running boiling water through a plastic coffee holder (Keurig). One friend questioned “Will we find out in 15 years the one cup coffee makers are totally harmful?” Good question. Reportedly the founder of the one cup coffee maker even questioned the safety of his new process.

     How about statin drugs? They have a medically determined “help number” of three hundred. This means research shows one out of three hundred people taking statin drugs for one year benefits. Seems kind of low to me, even if they didn’t have harmful side effects (muscle weakness, impaired cognitive thinking).

     How about cell phones? Is there a side effect to having the phone continuously next to your brain? Who knows…yet? The results are coming and they may not be pretty. Side effects happen, but hopefully, not at the price or quality of your future or even your life.

Chiropractic care; the primary side effect is a healthier you!