“Feeling Blue? Good for You!”

Feeling Blue? Good For You!

          While driving into the office recently, a young man on a podcast I was listening to was discussing his recent trip to Greece.  “Are you going to visit the Blue Zone?” a native asked while he was vacationing.  The young man had no idea what a “Blue Zone” was and neither did I.

          After doing a little research on Google, I had my answer. A “Blue Zone” is an area – of which there are only 5 throughout the world – where the residents are unusually healthy and thus live much longer than the average person.  They are so healthy they stand out above the norm.

          What does it take to have an abundant health consistent with a Blue Zone?  The population generally avoids all medication and medical procedures.  They have turned shunning medicine and surgeries into a choice they make consistently.  The populations of these areas tend to maintain a healthful diet consisting of natural foods derived from plants, like fruit and vegetables, and incorporate constant moderate physical activity daily.

          Is it a coincidence that a healthy Blue Zone requires eating healthy foods and shunning drugs?  Sounds like a perfect plan to empower your unique nervous system to function at an optimal level.