David and Goliath




     Excuse my loose use of metaphors as I compare Goliath of David and Goliath fame, to the medical monopoly, be it the medical doctor perspective or the pharmaceutical ideal of “we’ve got the right drug for all of your problems.”  In this metaphor, David is the chiropractic philosophy; the nervous system allows the flow of an innate intelligence that directs all healing. Interference with innate (bad diet, drugs, trauma and stress, stress, stress) and, you’ve got problems. The chiropractic adjustment reduces nerve stress allowing innate to do its thing.

     Recall Goliath was a giant, uncommon to the people of that time. David was just a young man/boy who could be described as undersized, especially compared to Goliath.

     David asked if he could save his people, the Israelites from the wrath of Goliath. The elders felt David was too small to fight Goliath and resisted his request, especially since David’s only weapon was a sling shot and a handful of small pebbles. Having nothing to lose, David took on Goliath. The first pebble struck Goliath in the forehead, dropping him like a tree. A quick beheading by David and Goliath was history, so to speak.    

     The chiropractic philosophy and adjustment, is like a pebble fighting your giant health problems. A charge in your nervous system is always the key to victory in all areas of your life.

     So, while the medical machine may have a Goliath of a solution, we are finding more and more the giant solution is the wrong solution, riddled with serious side effects including death.

     Trust your body and your innate healing powers. They are gigantic in their potential.