Creative Genius In and Out

     What did Michael Jackson and Andy Warhol have in common? First we could look at their unusual appearance. Between Jackson’s skin whitening and Warhol’s white hair, they stood out in a crowd regardless of their fame. Both appeared frail although Jackson was reportedly much stronger than appearances. They were also both extraordinarily creative in their own way. Each had the ability to have their inner creative genius spread throughout the world on a massive scale.

     Regardless of how brilliant their creative genius was within, both never fully connected with their innate health within and this led to their demise.

     Jackson fell prey to an M.D. who over medicated him and led to his demise much too early. Warhol died following what should have been routine surgery. His death was also at too young an age. Both never full realized what creative genius God put in our body to heal if that wisdom is not interfered with. Each gave up control of their health to extreme outside measures, something they would have never done with their creativity.

     We are blessed with an inner genius and effective healing power that when nurtured allows you to prosper.