Pregnancy and Chiropractic

If you are suffering from pregnancy-related complaints, most commonly sciatica (lower-back and leg pain) or carpal tunnel (sore wrists and numb hands), chiropractic care can be very beneficial for both you and your soon-to-arrive baby. We see numerous patients who are pregnant during all stages of pregnancy. The two biggest questions that a woman may have when considering chiropractic care are “Is it safe for me and my baby?” and “Will it help?”

Women who have received regular chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy have routinely reported a decrease in pregnancy-related pain (particularly sciatica), more energy, and the feeling that the care allowed them to have an easier delivery.

At Mager Chiropractic, our main goals are to help you be more at ease and move better by improving your spinal health through chiropractic adjustments and develop personally empowering beliefs that will help you and your baby live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Chiropractic care in this office is gentle, safe, and effective.

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I sought out help from Dr. Mager because I was experiencing back pain, discomfort, and weakness. I couldn't even turn over in bed without sitting upright. Long story short: I have seen Dr. Mager for a year now and I feel like new; no more weakness or pain. I'm going to continue with my chiropractic because I deserve to feel the best I can!

Joyce V.
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