Low Back Pain

If you find yourself suffering from low back pain, we understand what an interference the pain can be in your life. The lower back is the power or strength area of the body. Proper nerve flow from the lower back protects the function of your legs and even influences your ability to digest food properly.

Our focus is to assess your strength and ability to move well. Improper movement of the low back aggravates the sciatic nerves that control lower body function. We will look at your spine holistically — from top to bottom — because it all works together. This can be a difference maker in helping you recover and rejuvenate your life.

We provide care for so many people who have been failed by back surgery. Having lost my freshman roommate by the time he was 30 due to complications from back surgery, I know the power of preventing the need for these procedures as well as helping patients recover from past surgeries.

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