“Concussion” Star Reveals Secret to Success



     “Concussion” Star Reveals Secret to Success

     Most of us would never have heard of pathologist, Dr. Bennet Omalu, had Will Smith not played him in the movie “Concussion”.   His studies, however, have revealed a whole world about the dangers of brain injuries linked to sports, namely in American football.

     Dr. Omalu is the doctor who discovered brain damage in Steelers legend Mike Webster back in 2002.  He then took this knowledge and went on to find numerous cases of brain damage in many other NFL players in addition to Webster.

     The key to Dr. Omalu’s discovery was what he called “conformational intelligence.”  This means that we form our thoughts and beliefs around what is expected and not necessarily what is true.  Having grown up in Nigeria, Dr. Omalu had no experience of worshipping the NFL and its players, like many of us here in America do.  This lack of pre-judgement around the game allowed him to think differently – more “outside the box” – than other brilliant doctors who routinely worked with the NFL.

     How do YOUR thoughts and beliefs on health
“conform” to society’s norms about health?

     Many of our hardcore health beliefs have fallen away under the light of truth recently. “Fats cause heart disease,” “Women need hormone replacement therapy,” “Antibiotics make you healthier,” “Jogging strengthens the heart,” to name a few that have fallen off the altar of science.

     Dr. Omalu “encourages individuality” in your thinking about your health. Chiropractic has always been an inside out health philosophy.  This means that the power starts inside you and works its way out.  A healthy spine and nervous system allows the power in you to flow at a higher level so that you can live a happier and healthier life.