“Cause and Effect”

Cause and Effect

     My dearly departed father saw a cardiologist for many years.  This doctor always spoke with 100% certainty, was self-assured, and quick to share how his lower-level medical colleagues were “idiots” compared to the education he received.

     I recall meeting my father at Shadyside Hospital one day.  His doctor had prescribed him a blood thinner, which caused blood to pour down his leg like a leaky, gushing pipe.  His cardiologist, however, used a very effective psychological tool to keep my father on this medication.  When asked “Can I get off this medicine?” the doctor rapidly responded, “Do you want to die?”

     Psychologists long ago figured out humans are naturally more protective of losing what they have compared to the opportunity to gain.  As chiropractors, we too often make the mistake of asking patients to embrace the power they have to become healthier.  The cardiologist was much more effective in creating patient compliance through a simple psychological trick of asking the patient: “Do you want to die?”

     My father eventually quit the medication and did quite well for years.  Ironically, he went back to his doctor one day when he was not feeling well.  They put him back on the blood thinners and he was gone in weeks.  Was it simply cause and effect? Who knows?

     Whether you focus on losing your health or gaining it, always remember to seek your best you.