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“The Cape”

“The Cape”      While discussing with an old friend the sudden, but not unexpected, death of another old friend, I saw similarities.  This friend who passed away was a friend and patient since the early 80’s. He played football from

“Agree to Disagree”

    “Agree to Disagree”      Recently I asked a fine, young representative of our United States military what was going on in the world. Since she is frequently doing tours of duty in the Middle East, she regretfully shared

“12 Seconds to Paradise”

“12 Seconds to Paradise”      Eddie Money’s 1977 hit song “Two Tickets to Paradise” offered you access to paradise; how long does it take to get there?  Have you ever accomplished anything good and glorious in 12 seconds?  Albert Einstein

“Pro or Con”

“Pro or Con”    “The unity of freedom has never relied on the uniformity of opinion.” JFK This article is not meant to be a pro or con Covid 19 shot. It is just a view of 3 characters.     

“Naked and Afraid”

“Naked and Afraid”      My fiancé, Karen, loves outdoor reality shows.  Whether it be “Alone,” “Naked and Afraid” or “100 days in the Wild” she is glued to the TV. This is a woman who jumps on the kitchen table

“Anybody Else Notice the World Has Changed?”

“Anybody Else Notice the World Has Changed?”      This Covid 19 pandemic certainly has people scratching their head and asking “What’s going on in this crazy world?”  The smartest answer I’ve heard was “We just don’t know.”  Now that we’ve

“Laser Therapy”

  “Laser Therapy”       In late 2020, I reached out to a former patient for the latest and greatest in helping a person’s nervous system heal. This young man grew up in Mt. Lebanon and after approximately 10 years of

“The Jacuzzi Experience”

  “The Jacuzzi Experience”      A long-time patient and beloved retired green grocer would good naturedly tease me during his visits to the office.  “Oh no, he’s learned something new. Must have gone to another weekend seminar.”  Anything done to

“A Trip Down Memory Lane”

  “A Trip Down Memory Lane”        Years ago, a fun-loving secretary, Dianne, recommended a movie she loved. Dianne was the queen of recommendations, sharing her views with such passion and zeal, she was hard to ignore.  One week

“The People You Meet”

  “The People You Meet”      Years ago, while taking a break during a seminar, I walked into a large, empty hotel foyer. A lovely woman also entered the room and we struck up a conversation.  Ever met someone