Can the wrong thing ever be done the right way?

     Recently while speaking to an energetic group of high school students on health and wellness, the subject of soccer headers came up. It was strongly recommended to the group that hitting a soccer ball off of the head was never to be done.  A young woman, an obvious soccer player because of the  background  on headers she displayed  asked, “isn’t it okay to do headers if they are done the proper way?” She was mildly disgusted to hear headers were not to be done and stated that “headers are acceptable if done properly.”   “Properly”, meant striking the ball strongly off of the forehead.  The question that instantly arises is concerning the right way to bounce something off of the brain. Isn’t the front portion of the brain equally as important as all other areas of the brain and what makes that area unique that it can withstand repeated trauma?  Of course the front of the brain is important and worthy of protection.

     Many years ago some creative soul, with a goal for winning, did the first header.  Just because it was unique and effective doesn’t make it right long term for your brain.    Your brain is what makes you unique and special. Take care of it.