“Brain Dead?”

Brain Dead?

     Here is your strange but true Halloween horror story.

     Everyone knows the brain is the key to their health. As we learn more about how our body works, we find it’s all about the brain. A recent study found people can be declared “dead” due to organ shutdown particularly the heart. When patients suddenly wake up from being “dead”, researchers realized they need to look at death from different criteria.

     It turns out the brain is the final indicator of life or death. People who were labeled as dead came back to life and recounted the conversations going on around them while waiting to be processed into funeral mode. How gruesome and horrifying it would be to hear others discuss your pending funeral! The brain achieves is the final verdict on whether a person is dead or alive.

     What about you? How are you treating your brain? You don’t have to wait for death to get a checkup. It’s exciting to see how research is showing the primary benefit of chiropractic care is its impact on improving brain function. An adjustment can even improve balance, which influences the part of the brain that impacts quality of thinking.

     It’s easier and it’s more important than you think to get your brain in shape!