Body, Mind and Spirit

     Which came first, the chicken or the egg? When you have the answer, explain why we say body, mind and spirit. Why not spirit first? Is it as simple as, it just doesn’t sound right?

     I recall a fit, lovely elderly woman with a history of good health. After the loss of a loved one, she lost her spirit for life and was gone in no time. Her body no longer needed to carry around her spirit because it had already departed.

     Some say if you take care of the mind and spirit the body will follow. Perhaps, yet who can accuse Christopher Reeve of lacking spirit or thinking poorly after his fall off a horse left him a quadriplegic? His body betrayed his mind and spirit. Without proper nerve flow, the mind and spirit do not optimize your life potential.

     Those who “hit the gym” at the expense of the mind and spirit will eventually break down. The physical break down will likely occur prematurely. Those who nurture their spirit at the price of neglecting the body will end up with a less than fully functioning body, interfering with spiritual and mental pursuits.

     In the end there needs to be a balance, although not a perfect one. The body needs taken care of starting with the nervous system and spine. Move well, nourish well, rest well in no particular order. The mind needs taken care of through lifelong learning. It can be set like a compass to focus on the good that surrounds us all.

     Lastly the spirit needs to seek love and passion in relationships, activities and the journey within. Body, mind and spirit in any order need taken care of.