Bob Dylan and the Premature Obituary

Bob Dylan and the Premature Obituary

     Bob Dylan’s recent nomination for the Nobel Prize was unique and interesting on many levels.  He was a pioneer of putting incredible lyrics and poetry to music, collecting many fans and devoted listeners over the years.  His delay in giving any sort of response for being honored and inevitably rejecting the invitation to attend the ceremony was unusual, but consistent with his quirky, offbeat personality.

     This isn’t about Bob Dylan, however.  It’s about the Nobel Peace Prize.  Where did this prestigious award originate?  The story behind it is even more interesting than Dylan’s recent chain of events.

     One day, a man woke up only to find his own obituary in the morning paper.  His death reported in the newspaper was as shocking to him as were the few sentences that had been written about his life.  The paper stated that he made his living making weapons of war, which was reportedly the devotion of his life.  Feeling not only surprise but also remorse, he decided to change his life right then and there.  The man’s name was Alfred Nobel, founder of the Nobel Peace Prize.

     Don’t wait for an accidental obituary to change your future. Choose to be more alive now by making better choices that will lead you to a more fruitful future. Your body is the vessel that carries around your incredible mind and spirit. Be sure to take care of it! 😉