“Become Your Own Superstar!”

Become Your Own Superstar!

     Did you run out to get your Milli Vanilli reunion tour tickets?

     Milli Vanilli is known for their hit song “Girl You Know It’s True” that came out in 1989.  Like a shooting star, they came into our life and were gone in a flash.  Unfortunately, they had no staying power.

     How’s your staying power?  What do you do consistently to be and stay healthy?

     Are you guilty of joining the gym and lasting for only two months – about as long as Milli Vanilli’s few hits stayed on the top song charts?  How long did your healthy eating diet last?

     Occasionally, a patient will come in wanting the Milli Vanilli Chiropractic adjustment.  This means they expect one visit only to turn them into a superstar of health.

     The truth is there is no Milli Vanilli reunion tour because one member – Rob Pilatus – died of an overdose, and no one cares what one-hit wonders are doing now anyway.

     How about you?  Are you treating your health like a one-hit wonder?  Staying power starring you can only happen if you create a pattern of consistent healthy habits and stick with them.  It works!