“Be More Present”

Be More Present

     As a kid, I was a frequent sleepwalker.  It was a bit unnerving for my family, but it didn’t affect me at all.  How about you?  Are you or were you a sleepwalker?  I gave up doing it in my teens, but I admit, like most, I must fight the tendency to sleepwalk through my life.  This oddly enough shows up as a tendency to take the people and places in your life totally for granted.  You know the expression “Been there, done that”?  We get in trouble with our life, relationships, and health when we are in the “taking it all for granted” mode.

     Recently, the Peters Township police department gave in to our societal tendency to take driving for granted.  A 3-way stop sign at a 4-way intersection left drivers cursing and beeping in frustration.  Drivers frequently did a stop and go, totally overlooking the through way on the lane ahead.  These drivers routinely drove through the stop sign because it was what they automatically expected instead of what the sign required.  The proper response would have required driving with more awareness and presence.

     Ask most mates and “more awareness and presence” would be what is needed to lift up the relationship.  Awareness and presence are the presents you give to yourself and those you love.  They are also the key to true wellbeing.  Give it a shot!