Battle of the Facebook Corral



     The most famous of all wild west shootouts took place at the O.K. Corral and lasted only 30 seconds.

     The modern day shootout took place on facebook. As we drove down 376 East heading for dinner at Legume, with dear friends, 96 year old Bob and his lovely wife of almost 70 years, Gene, my friend read to me the battle displayed on facebook.

     A pro-vaccine mother shared her approval of childhood vaccines followed by disdain for those who don’t vaccinate. An MD seconded her disdain for those who don’t vaccinate. This brought about an angry response from someone who feels it is freedom of choice and possibly vaccines are not as safe as the pharmaceutical industry says that they are. The war of words escalated to emotional rants and name calling. The MD’s emotional plea that seeing one child with whooping cough is enough to warrant all kids being vaccinated and those who aren’t should just stay home, (I guess to protect those who are vaccinated but assume the vaccines don’t really work?).

     A recent Post-Gazette article stated medical errors kill 250,000 people per year in the United States. That’s a lot of people! Should we perhaps shift to reducing this number to a few? Why should we put so much emotion into whether or not we vaccinate when 250,000 people die from medical errors each year? Is our focus totally misguided?

      Vaccines have their place but is it so bad to ask for safer vaccines? Anyone who hasn’t seen or read of someone reacting to a vaccine is living in a cave.

     Everyone knows antibiotics save lives but is it misguided to ask that they be used properly so as not to kill us all due to super infections?

      Pain pills are necessary but is it so bad for doctors not to give them out like candy until they create countless addicts and overdose deaths?

     We can make all of this safer. Brilliant scientific discoveries require knowledge and wisdom. Without wisdom we will all continue to suffer tragic consequences.