Are You In Love?



     On Valentine’s Day, Peanuts character Lucy asked Schroeder why he didn’t get her a Valentine’s card this year. He empathetically let her know she wasn’t getting one because that would’ve implied that “I can stand the sight of you.”

     Did you send you a Valentine’s card this year? There is no error in that question. Are you in love with you? I am not talking about vain, egotistical self-centeredness.     I am talking about, self-respect that causes you to treat yourself in a way that allows the best of you to shine. You could call that self-love.

     If not self-love, are you abusing alcohol, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, sugar, fast food, processed food or any of the things that make you, less of you? Would you agree that a loving relationship grows and prospers, it is marked by a future together? What kind of future are you creating for your mind, body and spirit? Self-destruction is the opposite of self-love. Chiropractic care may not have the ability to instantly give you a better today. It does, however, have the power to give you a better tomorrow.