Are You in a Rut?

     Years ago, a young couple sat across from each other at McDonalds.  As they ate their burgers and fries, they were amazed at all they had in common.  He remembers thinking how easy it was to spend time with her.  A few years later, time always passes more quickly when in love, they were married.

     Even though they could afford “Eleven”, in the Strip, they most frequently went back to McDonalds when a special meal was required.  It was a reminder of “the first time”.  Anybody guessing this couple is in a rut?  Yes they are.

     A key component of a healthy nervous system is challenging your mind, body and spirit to grow, expand, and learn at a higher level.

     I have been guilty of skipping vacation because I love work (in a rut!), repeated the same workout in the gym over and over (in a rut) and taken my girl to the same romantic restaurant too many times (in a rut).  If you find yourself doing the same old, same old, you’re in a spiritual, mental, physical rut.  Awareness is the key.  Bust out to be your best.