Are We Having Fun Yet?

     If a small child on the teeter-totter symbolizes your body, then a sumo wrestler would symbolize your habits. Everything that goes on in your body is designed to be in balance. This includes the PH of your blood, to the amount of acid in your stomach to digest the food you eat. The term for balance inside you is homeostasis. A body out of balance is one in which the stress is greater than your body’s ability to achieve homeostasis. When out of balance you get sick, sore, age faster, fatigue more quickly and a have a whole host of ailment and mishaps. Ever notice how one side of your body is always sore, injured or operated on?

     Intelligence in the form of energy traveling through your nervous system keeps your body adapting to stress and in balance. Chiropractic care helps you relax and move better which leads you to be in tune and in balance. Out of balance means less of you shows up to enjoy the day.