“Antibiotics: Friend or Foe?”


Antibiotics:  Friend or Foe?”

            Colon cancer has been in the news lately. Our national morning news shows featured a story about colon cancer affecting younger adults more than ever.  The doctor who was being interviewed gave two main reasons for this happening, the first being processed foods.  It appears a crappy diet full of man made instead of nature made food irritates the colon.  The second reason the expert referred to was our tendency to use antibiotics.  He mentioned that antibiotics irritate “the biome of the gut”.  The biome is the life-giving germs that live in our gut and help us digest what we eat.

            A young woman shared her story of growing up with an uncle who was an MD.  Whenever she was feeling sick, be it with a sore throat or an earache, her mom would call her brother who would then come over with antibiotics for her to take.  “Ear infection, swollen tonsils, or lymph nodes?  No problem. Just take an antibiotic.”  The woman stated this process was repeated often throughout her childhood.  A mother’s attempt to protect her daughter is a natural response when her child is sick.  Still, we must let the nature within our body have a chance to learn to be healthy.

            By the time this woman grew into adulthood, she said she became “sick and tired of always being sick and tired”.  Realizing the antibiotics had weakened her immune system, she shut off all use of them.  It took a while until she gradually regained a natural state of health.

            Wanting a symptom-free child is natural.  However, wanting a healthy child requires that our children sometimes need to experience sickness and discomfort.  Our body is a healing machine. To be well sometimes requires patience and persistence.