Your First Visit

Your initial visit to this office will consist of a consultation in which you sit down with Dr. Mager and explain what your health concerns are. Dr. Mager will guide you through a fact finding history to help guide us. We want to know how your health has been in the past and where it is at now so we can best guide you to a healthier future.

An exam follows the consultation. We want your body to show how strong you are, how well you move, quality of balance and most importantly, how efficiently your nervous system is working by checking tone. It is easy to relate your body to your car. If you have a 6 cylinder engine, you want all 6 cylinders firing in sync. Your body, like a car, has numerous ways it shows it is “out of tune.”

Whether it be a car, a musical instrument or your body, in tune is better than out of tune. The “out of tune” body is tense, doesn’t sleep well, struggles to keep energy up, fights exhaustion and often craves food (sugar) and caffeine to keep up.

Our goal on the first visit is to gather the appropriate amount of information about you and your body. We want to let you know if you have a condition we treat and if we can help you.

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Office Hours

Monday 8:30 am – Noon
3:00 – 6:00 pm
Tuesday Closed 
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About Our Center

Dr. James J. MagerFounded in 1985 by Dr. James J. Mager our center provides complete Chiropractic care to the young and old, amateur and professional athletes and anyone who has discomfort or pain that won’t seem to go away. Health and wellness can be a reality for you.   Read more

Our Patients Say It Best

I originally came to see Dr. Mager when I was 4 years old. I used to get bad ear infections and the repeated antibiotics prescribed by my doctor nearly ruined my intestinal tract. I got very ill and couldn't keep food down. I was hospitalized and almost died. My mom started researching an alternative route for treating my ear infections and read how chiropractic could help. She took me to see Dr. Mager and I have been a patient ever since. I am now 23 and know without a shadow of a doubt that chiropractic has worked for me. I am healthy, tall and strong. After beginning chiropractic care as a child, my ear infections reduced dramatically. All of my intestinal side effects from the antibiotics eventually ceased. Amazingly, I have never taken another antibiotic.

Gregor S.
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