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Dr. James Mager graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic after doing his pre-med studies at WVU and University of Pittsburgh. He has had extensive training in soft tissue injuries which has helped him develop a unique, hands on approach to recovering and maintaining health.

Dr. Mager decided to become a chiropractor at the age of 13. At that time he first met his best friend’s father, who happened to be a chiropractor. “I felt like the room lit up the first time I met Dr. Matz and God was telling me to become a chiropractor.” He immediately began studying health and human behavior through reading. It continues to be his favorite subject today.

“My father is an expert in nuclear and electrical energy and has traveled the world throughout his career. My interest became human energy, the source of all life and healing within a human. I am one of those few people who love to go to work each week. I get to do what I love, helping patients discover their health potential.”

Besides deciding to become a chiropractor at the age of 13, the other pivotal experience in his background was meeting his college roommate his freshman year at WVU. “Kerry was a naturally kind person who wanted two things out of life; to be married to his high school sweetheart as well as become a veterinarian, since he was a natural with animals. Unfortunately, he didn’t hit the books causing him to drop out. We kept in contact approximately once per year. He eventually became a manager of a power plant in Indiana by the time he was in his late twenties. I was disappointed when I realized we had not connected as we typically did around Christmas. I will never forget that fateful call from his wife telling me he had died following back surgery.” As if my mission to help people be truly healthy wasn’t important enough, Kerry’s death reinforced the need for spinal health in a natural, safe, non invasive way.

The basis for care in this office

The nervous system is the control system of your body directing every detail that goes on inside you. Interference with the nervous system interferes with proper regulation of your body, therefore, interfering with your health. There are only three sources of interference; Thought, Trauma and Toxins. Every person gets to express health as well as lack of health in their own unique way. An irritated nervous system can be expressed as insomnia, eczema, low energy or any other sign and symptom. It does not always express itself as pain!

THOUGHT: Prolonged fear, anger, resentment or any of the negative thought patterns interfere with you reaching your health and life potential.

TRAUMA: This can be from the obvious such as auto accidents, falls, sports injuries or anything significant enough to interfere with proper movement of the spine which protects the nervous system.

The other source of trauma is referred to as “micro-trauma.” This would include poor posture, including phone posture, computer and or desk posture or any posture that puts you slightly out of balance.

TOXINS: Most people think toxins refer to germs. Actually it refers more to exposure to chemicals in our environment and even more importantly, our diet. Sugar, processed foods, and chemical additives are known irritants to the nervous system and, therefore, your health. Diet includes anything we put into our body. This includes medicines of all types. As Eli Lilly, founder of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world said, “If it doesn’t have side effects, it’s not a drug.”

Thought, trauma and toxins, that’s it. 3 simple powerful causes of poor health and life expressions. What about genes though? We now know genes play a significant role in the health of less than 5% of the population. Most of what we labeled in the past as “due to genetics” is actually lifestyle and neurological modeling.

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About Our Center

Dr. James J. MagerFounded in 1985 by Dr. James J. Mager our center provides complete Chiropractic care to the young and old, amateur and professional athletes and anyone who has discomfort or pain that won’t seem to go away. Health and wellness can be a reality for you.   Read more

Our Patients Say It Best

Several years ago, I was suffering from almost weekly migraines. A friend told me about how Dr. Mager had treated an acquaintance for migraines. I went in very hopeful and, years later, can say it was an amazing change. I have been migraine-free (maybe 1 or 2 a year) and have drastically reduced any pain medication for minor headaches. Thank you to Dr. Mager and his staff for such wonderful care!

Sarah L.
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