“A Peace of Mind Comes Piece by Piece”

A Peace of Mind Comes Piece by Piece

     While attending Franklin Regional Middle School, I remember showing up one morning wearing a fashion trend that had long passed.  It was a brief time in fashion history when a cowboy-like scarf was worn around the neck.  My homeroom teacher – like disciplining a child – looked at me and said, “No, Jim.”  Off it came and went straight into the trash.

     Those teenage years were all about “just fitting in”. They are filled with asking yourself questions like, “Do I fit in?” “Am I cool enough?” “Do I have enough friends” and all the angst that goes with being a teenager.  The silly questions get left behind when growing into adulthood, but stressful questions of another kind take their place.

     The biggest question most adults have shifted to is “How can I learn to relax?”  Relaxing can be synonymous with peace of mind, ease, and even authenticity – as in, being the real you.

     Who we are shows up in our body from spirit to mind to body.  Learning to relax is a noble task with an even greater payoff.  Whether breathing in a relaxed manner, carrying less muscle tension, or having the posture of someone in charge of themselves, we are here to remind you of ways to bring out the best in you and your body. Be patient with yourself and a peace of mind will come quicker.