A Call to Action

     In the spring of 2014 I responded to a call to action from our church. Volunteers were needed to regularly read bible verses to senior citizens at a local nursing home. I can read and the scheduled time fit in my schedule, so I signed on. This small sacrifice of time has turned into an incredible blessing. The residents love this activity and I leave feeling the same.

     The first thing you notice about the 10-25 regular participants is they are predominately women. One male may occasionally attend the readings. The second thing that becomes apparent is the “reasons” the residents are in the nursing home. The “reasons” are quite simple and limited to only two. One is their CNS or brain is no longer processing life properly. This shows up as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. The second reason is the lower back gave way to old age confining them to a wheel chair or walker. No predominate breathing or heart issues, just brain and lower back.

     How divine that a chiropractor (me) with a focus on brain and lower back health gets to notice the effects of lifestyle displayed so prominently.

     Brain health requires you learn to relax. Low back health requires you to move well. The TRT (torque release therapy) “clicker” we use with all the apparent voodoo nerve tests tell us how your nervous system is processing info from brain down. The deep stretch and pop here and there helps you move better.

     It’s a team effort just as your body parts work as a team.