A Belated Happy Mother’s Day

     It was great to see my Mom on Mother’s Day.  She is frail, can’t remember much of the past, let alone the present and Alzheimer’s is picking up speed.  Other than a less than super ending, she has had a great life.  We are grateful she has had the last 25 years since death was imminent in her mid 50’s.

     When entering an Italian mother’s home, a warm greeting is followed by a request you eat a meal, regardless of the time of day.  On this day, there was no greeting.  As I proceeded through the house, I found my ever busy mom resting on the sofa, due to doctor’s orders.

     It seems Mom hadn’t been feeling great so she visited her local PCP who thought a routine checkup to a cardiologist might be in order.  An exam with routine cardiology work up was completed.  The diagnosis; weak heart with little time left to live.  The recommendation was to prolong life by resting frequently, briefly delaying death.

     As her son, this was unacceptable and not consistent with my mother’s health history.  I recommended that she get a second opinion, perhaps from a more lively doctor.  The second cardiologist found nothing wrong with her heart and in no time at all, mom was back to being…Mom!

     RX:  Seek a doctor whose focus is you being lively, not sick, diseased and lifeless!