“96 Year Old Knows What’s Cool”



   One of my favorite heroes turned 96 on April 1, 2016, making an amazing recovery after a recent bout of pneumonia. He is rounding back into quintessential Bob form; happy, grateful and reasonably engaging. He is 96, after all, so we must give him some latitude.

  On a recent rejuvenating spring trip to Miami, a lunchbreak off the beach and on the boardwalk called for some type of seafood sandwich. As quickly as the waiter asked “what type of alcoholic beverage would you like with that?” I answered, “None for me.” The response from this twenty-something, “You are not cool!”

  Yes, I am not when it comes to needing alcohol to show how cool I am. When visiting with my friend, Bob, shortly before his 96th birthday, I shared this “you are not cool story” with him. Ironically, Bob felt the need to drink to be cool was “definitely not cool.” Bob’s hearty response to someone needing to drink their way through vacation was, “That’s not cool.”  

  Some background on Bob; he was a very successful president of a large international company. He has been married to his best friend, Gene, for almost 70 years. He had 3 daughters he adores, (one has passed from cancer). He went white water rafting in his mid 80’s. He gave up golf in his 90’s, gave up tennis at 95. He was sky diving at 90, got a tattoo by 91. I forgive him for passing on the chance to go fire walking in his bare feet while in his 80’s. His daughter wouldn’t allow that feat.

  Due to his remarkable life, I will use Bob as role model for cool.

P.S. Bob feels chiropractic care is cool!