How fast are you going?

tension pic


      You’ve seen them countless times; the flashing red lights on the side of the road, indicating your driving speed. Police departments have found   this device is a useful tool to get drivers to slow down.  Reminds me of the joke, “Most Americans are Russian because they can be found rushing here   and rushing there.”

      What would it be like if our body had a bold warning system, letting you know that you are overextending?  Most people think pain is the bold warning system.  Since the body naturally suppresses pain to allow you to function, it is actually a very inefficient health gauge.  Would any pro football player be on the field if the body didn’t suppress pain?  Many pro players have a difficult time moving the day after a game, even without any major injuries.

      If you want to know how someone is truly doing, touch them.  Breathing pattern, posture and tone are three huge indicators of your health future and present state of mind and body. A relaxed person is more energetic, likely expressing more of their creative self as well as more patient and flexible in their thinking.

      Let Chiropractic adjust your tension level to a more productive state.