Freedom Summer

     Welcome to the summer of 2014. Looking back at summers gone by can bring an interesting perspective on how we think.  Perhaps, don’t think is more appropriate.

     The summer of 1964 is known as “Freedom Summer” because of an effort to get as many African Americans as possible registered to vote in the state of Mississippi.  Many whites including those in government positions of power resisted the African Americans efforts.  The news showed a white government official stating “We must stop the enemy”, referring to African Americans.  Our view from 2014 is one of sheer embarrassment for the government official’s stupidity and rigidity.  It is easy to believe he wasn’t a very deep thinker, more likely guided by the thoughtless beliefs of his ancestors.

     When it comes to our health, so many of our supposedly rational, intelligent beliefs are nothing but mindless folly.  Over 50 years ago, medical science believed a man’s heart would explode in his chest if sprinting too fast.  The vast majority of MDs surveyed believed the mind and body were NOT connected to health. The belief system of that day was the body was a machine, made up of parts that break down with use. The last folly to hold roots is the belief we are our genes, or victims of our ancestors genetic makeup.

     In 1954, Roger Bannister proved the heart won’t explode in the chest when he ran a mile in less than 4 minutes.  Any current survey of high school students would reveal the vast majority believe mind and body are connected.  You most likely agree with them.   The new science of epigenetics now disproves our hard and fast beliefs in genetics.  Epigenetics reveals our internal and external environment trips our genes more readily than our genes directing our life.

     How long did it take before the Freedom Summer was necessary to reverse the direction of thoughtless people?  How long does it take before we discard irresponsible health beliefs?  Freedom equals and requires responsibility.  Give up any choice that suggests that you need not take any responsibility because it is someone else’s or something else’s.  Be fully responsible for your health.  It is truly your greatest wealth.

Welcome to summer!