3 Lies


     You have probably heard the old joke about 3 most commonly told lies. The joke could actually have over 30 answers, starting with “the check is in the mail”.  In health care there are 3 huge lies that are repeated so often everyone thinks they must be true. They are not!

 Lie #1: “It’s in your genes.”

     That’s true 3-5% of the time. In other words you have a 95-97% chance of “it” being your lifestyle, not your genes. Those behaviors (of your parents) that you mimic are habit, not genetics. Would you play the lottery if you had a 95% chance of winning?

     When the MD gives you pills because “it’s in the family genes”, it’s habit not genes the vast majority of the time.

 Lie #2: “I have time.”

     It’s a lie we tell ourselves when it comes to our health. Type 2 diabetes?  “I have time to fix it”. Obese? “I have time to change.”  Smoking myself to death? “I can change…..later.”

     The time is now to stop being afraid and allow your best self to show up. Quit expecting to be disappointed in yourself. You have the internal strength to improve your quality of life.

Lie #3: “It doesn’t have any side effects for me.”

     My father would joke, “If medicines had side effects they wouldn’t be allowed to give them.” 

He knew just how to push my buttons. Remember the 6th grade science project where you add a drop of blue food coloring to the aquarium? One drop results in no change, then add two, three, four and so forth. Finally, with just one additional drop of food coloring the whole aquarium turns a dark shade of blue.

     Whether it be sugar, diet soda, cigarettes, alcohol, medicines…there is an accumulative effect that will bite you in some way, subtle or otherwise.

 You are wise enough to know the greatest lies of all you tell yourself. The truth will set you free.