Year: 2022

“Patience, Patience, Patience”

      “Patience, Patience, Patience”     In a world that honors doing anything faster, from a McDonalds lunch to the Quick Lube oil change, speed is king.  In sports the saying is “can’t teach speed” and every athlete

“Buried Treasure”

“Buried Treasure”     Legendary personal development author and speaker, Bob Proctor, told a teaching story months before he died at age 87.  It’s worth sharing.     Bob delivered the Toronto Star newspaper as a young boy. His brother helped

“The Great Mystery of Health”

  “The Great Mystery of Health”          There’s an old saying about raising children, “If you can just get your child to age 25, you have a good chance of getting them to 50.”  So profound and

“How Did They Know?”

“How Did They Know?”      Without benefit of MRI, lab work, biopsies, x-rays or any other sophisticated form of high-tech diagnostic work up, how did they know?  The founders of our language realized thousands of years ago that lack of

“G.O.A.T. and Neil Young”

      G.O.A.T. and Neil Young    Toward the end of my father’s life, his driving skills were diminishing to the point where fender benders were becoming frequent.  He was a wonderful husband and father who also had a

“Do you want to die?”

  “Do you want to die?”      Years back I nearly dropped over from shock as I listened to my father’s cardiologist control my father with the question, “Do you want to die?”  My father was hospitalized for a reaction

“What? Turn down your smoke detector?”

  “What? Turn down your smoke detector?”      How exciting would it be if your friend, who struggled with obesity her entire adult life lost over 150 pounds in a year. The woman who lost over 150 pounds, discontinued her

“Let Go”

“Let Go”      “Anger is way up out there. Have you noticed how angry people are with this Coronavirus?”  a patient commented to me one morning.    Actually, I had not noticed an increase in anger. I tend to retreat into

“Health comes from within YOU!”

“Health comes from within YOU!”      If you have been to a local express grocery store, such as Giant Eagle Express, you know they carry a limited supply of groceries. I have to admit that grocery shopping is just about