Year: 2020


“SUPERPOWERS”      My mother worked at being the perfect mom; home cooked meals, strict disciplinarian, clean clothes and house.  Most likely, like your mom, lots of love, and guidance too.       One day cleaning the windows, she must have gotten

“The Will”

“The Will”         JFK was reportedly fascinated with America’s ability to put a man on the moon.  He consulted with Vernher von Braun, a top aerospace scientist about what it would take to accomplish this fete.   Von Braun replied, “Simply

“What If”

“What If?”         What if your parents did your homework for you when you were a kid… and you got straight A’s?   What if your parents put together a science project for you for all to see… and you won

“Make America Great Again”

“Make America Great Again”      If you were expecting a political rant on the virtues and benefits of Trump as our president, think again.  “Make America Great Again” is a catchy slogan but my question is “how do we

Do You Possess a “Mysterious Strength?”

  Do You Possess a “Mysterious Strength?”      Would the following story describe your superpowers?  “A mob was about to riot in London. The chief of police, who radiated a mysterious strength, walked slowly toward the angry mob.  When he

“CORONAVIRUS: How to Survive and Thrive”


“Creating a Healthy Mindset”

“Creating a Healthy Mindset”           What does it take to stay healthy in these Coronavirus times?  The answer is the same as during any time of great fear, panic and hysteria.  It starts with a strong

“Are You Winning?”

  “Are You Winning?”      “Everybody loves a winner!” so the saying goes.  Are you “a winner” everybody loves?  Before answering that question, think about this:  what is Michael Jordan most famous for?  Is it his winning world championships

“Stop the Madness – Part 2”

“Stop the Madness – Part 2”      A woman had the knowledge needed to prescribe all-natural supplements to heal a host of illnesses.  She loved her natural supplements and despised the pharmaceuticals medical doctors are so quick to prescribe. 

“Learning to be Still”

  “Learning to be Still”      As a fitness fanatic in her mid to late forties sped from gym equipment to equipment, she paused to confront me.  “Two yoga classes… I tried but I can’t do it.  In one