Year: 2019

“A Health-Centered Worldview”

“A Health-Centered Worldview”      If you had elderly grandparents who immigrated to America, their stories seem to be universal.  How familiar does this sound to your family?  My mother’s parents immigrated from Italy.  They came to America dirt poor,

“Flu Season Arrives Shortly: Why Now?”

Flu Season Arrives Shortly: Why Now?           So much to do:  parties, holiday celebrations, people to see, family and friends.  Certainly not a time to get sick when fun is to be had.           Starting with Halloween week, the sickness,

“A Woman’s Superpower”

                “A Woman’s Superpower”           Have you ever heard of man’s intuition?  Neither have I.  Everyone knows the accurate phrase is “woman’s intuition”.  Intuition is a superpower that women seem to be born with.  Several women have commented, “I wish

“Be More Present”

“Be More Present”      As a kid, I was a frequent sleepwalker.  It was a bit unnerving for my family, but it didn’t affect me at all.  How about you?  Are you or were you a sleepwalker?  I gave

“What Does a Miracle Look Like?”

              In a world where information is spread so quickly, we can fall victim to wanting instant gratification.  McDonald’s wisely capitalized on our need for instant results.  Before you have completed giving your order

“The Power of Patience”

“The Power of Patience”         A man appearing to be in his early 50’s showed up at the gym in his warrior workout gear.  Black was the color of the day with a black shirt, black shorts, black socks, and

“Selective Memory”

         “Selective Memory?”           Do you have any memory of how you drove your parents crazy as a kid, especially as a teenager?  As we get older our memory goes through a natural progression of eliminating a lot of

“Torture Room”

“Torture Room”      I am not going back.  This same thoughtful reflection was shared by two women in the same week.  The first woman was a lively, spirited 20-something reflecting on her first visit to this office.  The victim

“You Deserve Better”

“You Deserve Better”     In his despair, the dying patient wished he had taken better care of himself.  In this case it was a medical doctor who had been sick for decades.  “I would trade all the success, money,

“Hitting the Wall”

“Hitting the Wall”           Ever feel stuck in any area of your life?  Perhaps your relationships are in a rut, your weight loss program is stuck – perhaps even in reverse.  Your fitness program may now be a vague memory.