Year: 2018


“Happy Thanksgiving”

Fact of the Week Your stomach is the size of your fist, NOT a wheelbarrow! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

“What’s the Connection?”

  “What’s the Connection?”             It’s not uncommon to walk into the chiropractic adjusting room and find a patient hypnotized by a death notice.  Some are so entranced they don’t immediately look up.  If you are also someone who reads

“The People We Meet”

“The People We Meet”      A broken-hearted young mother presented herself in a natural state of stress.  With tears close to the surface, she shared how she had recently lost a baby.  It was easy to see the hurt

“Teach Your Children”

“Teach Your Children“      As children, we were taught that there were two positions in our community who demanded respect: the parish priest and the family doctor.  On this day, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Philadelphia newspapers had the same

“Summer Creatures”

      “Summer Creatures”      “Can I come in a little later? The exterminator is here longer than expected?” This is a common request in the late spring as we fend off the ants that desire to move in

“It’s a Great Life…”

“It’s a Great Life…”      Before you start thinking this is about Jimmy Stewart, remember his movie was “It’s a Wonderful Life”. A patient once shared a quote with me from her father, George Abbey. He repeated these words

“Stop the Madness – Part 1”

“Stop the Madness – Part 1”      The patient complained of thigh pain and numbness.  Sounds like a possible sciatic nerve problem, doesn’t it?  The additional clue was the growing hard spot in the center of the right thigh. 

“Gut Check”

       “Gut Check“      Quickly in 5 seconds or less: do you believe in the chiropractic principle of health beginning and ending inside you controlled by your nervous system?  Yes or no? In 5 seconds or less:  are

“Cause and Effect”

“Cause and Effect”      My dearly departed father saw a cardiologist for many years.  This doctor always spoke with 100% certainty, was self-assured, and quick to share how his lower-level medical colleagues were “idiots” compared to the education he