Year: 2017

“A Peace of Mind Comes Piece by Piece”

“A Peace of Mind Comes Piece by Piece”      While attending Franklin Regional Middle School, I remember showing up one morning wearing a fashion trend that had long passed.  It was a brief time in fashion history when a

“Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect”

“Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect”      As I slowly proceeded driving through a tricky intersection, a car with the right of way patiently let me proceed.  We gave each other a courtesy wave (with all five fingers) and moved on.

“The Rules of Health”

“The Rules of Health”     A recent study revealed in the Post-Gazette on April 7, 2017 showed the esteemed Mayo Clinic accurately diagnoses patients at rate of one out of 8.  Medical doctors have the difficult task of being

“History Lesson: Less Medicine is More”

“History Lesson:  Less Medicine is More”     The exciting life and ultimately murderous death of our 20th president, James Garfield, is full of life lessons.  President Garfield was known as the president who united our country following the Civil

“The Contradictory Nature of Self-Care”

“The Contradictory Nature of Self-Care”      Years ago, a mentor recommended reading two of Ayn Rand’s classics: The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged.  After getting past the 900-page length and microscopic print, I decided to “Get it Done.”    

“Top 5 Reasons NOT to Go to a Chiropractor”

“Top 5 Reasons NOT to Go to a Chiropractor”   1. “Why go to a chiropractor 30 times when you can go to a back surgeon one time?” The woman who used this logic ended up having 3 back surgeries and

“Pill Overkill: A Quick Fix with Consequences”

“Pill Overkill: A Quick Fix with Consequences”     When playing football as a 10th grader at Franklin Regional High School, I was eager to learn from the 12th graders.  As the team put on their uniforms, a senior pulled

“Quick Fix”

“Quick Fix”      Ever hear the story about the man who wanted a quick fix for his life?  He wanted a relationship and a wife, so he quickly got a mail-order bride online.      He wanted a quick

“The Case of the Incredible Shrinking Man”

“The Case of the Incredible Shrinking Man”      In this age of cell phones, their cues remind us of when we need to be somewhere or what we need from the grocery store.  Every once in a while, however,

“Stuck in a Rut?”

“Stuck in a Rut?”      Standing next to a distinguished looking elderly man in the Hallmark store, his loud sigh was impossible to ignore.  “You alright?” I asked.  “Doing this 52 years and it never gets easier,” he replied.